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UK SPEC got revised – did anyone know?

UK SPEC was revised some time ago (2014) so it is worth noting that for those looking to qualify as CEng, IEng and EngTech that there may be questions at the Review they weren't expecting. Below is an overview of the changes made to CEng.

The digital President

President Tim Broyd presented what is a 'non-negotiable' future for engineers. Digital is the next revolution. For those engineers who dont watch / read the address maybe they can ponder the difference between Innovation and Invention unaided. A must for all ICE...

Costain & ICE Safety Lecture

Preventing a re-occurrence - what organisations do to embed lessons (now available of the ICE website - Recorded Events) A brilliant overview of how to manage the topic of Health & Safety - covering areas such as the use of leading indicators to influence results, to...

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Myths about CPR – a SmartEngineer view

Myths about CPR - A SmartEngineer view Having been involved with the Review process for over 10years a number of myths continue to provide poor advice to graduates preparing for the Chartered Professional Review. Whilst these were specific to Hong Kong...

Taking security seriously – a Professional Engineer’s approach

Security and its importance is very well known in the current climate, be it at airports or sporting events etc. Yet how many engineers realise that the work they are currently doing is either exposing themselves or their organisations/ clients to future security...

Book 9: Legacy – Champions do extra

With a new year brings new goals, wishes, aspirations. Before setting anything it may be worth reading the following wise words (from those who have written about the All Blacks rugby team- see Legacy by James Kerr): Setting a standard - more than just a CEng:        ...